Technical Review Meeting

21 January 2020, Brussels, Belgium

The Consortium presented the work performed in 2019 and especially after April 2019 when the project restarted under a new coordination.

Technical Meeting

17-18 December 2019, Valencia, Spain

The purpose of Valencia’s technical meeting was to assess and re-plan (where appropriate) the progress of CAMELOT’s technical tasks, focusing on the detailed plan of the two pilots that will take place in Greece and Portugal between summer and autumn 2020. In more detail, on the first day of the meeting, the updated architecture was discussed, agreeing that the user requirements and data model as presented in D2.1 and D2.2 respectively are still valid. On the same day, the progress on WP3 (Command and Control Framework) and WP5 (Mission related modules) was presented,
whilst an extensive discussion on the Greek and Portuguese pilot was held (WP9), resulting into a detailed technical plan for both demonstrators. On the second day of the technical meeting, the discussion included WP6 (Visualisation and display modules), WP7 (Sensing and detection modules) and WP8 (Integration). A detailed action plan for each WP was agreed, and a second biweekly (technical only) telco was established among the developers of each partner, to facilitate the integration of the individual components and software.

Re-Kick-off Meeting

23-25 April 2019, Athens, Greece

The CAMELOT re-kick-off meeting took place in April 2019, aiming at introducing the new project coordinator (EXODUS) to the consortium, to present the status of the amendment and that of the admin process to be followed, as well as to agree on the project’s new time plan, accountabilities and deliverables. More precisely, on the first day of the meeting, the guidelines and schedule for developing the various modules were set by the technical coordinator, while the status of each technical work package and task was communicated and assessed. On the second date of the meeting, the focus was put on testing and demonstration (WP9). Moreover, several parallel sessions were held on the following topics and resulting into detailed time plans for each topic:

  • Session 1: Development process and integration planning

  • Session 2: Low level action plan for demonstrator planning, including: timed events, executed actions, involved systems, operators, etc.

  • Session 3: Development process and integration planning

The last day of the meeting was dedicated to WP10: Dissemination and Exploitation.

ICAT 2019

3-5 December 2019

Partner involved: UPVLC

Quito, Ecuador

Paper “C2 Advanced Multi-domain Environment and Live Observation Technologies” was published and defended in the International Conference on applied Technologies ICAT 2019.
Magistral Conference “Technology Trends on H2020 European Projects”

3-5 December 2019

Partner involved: UPVLC

Quito, Ecuador

Magistral Conference “Technology Trends on H2020 European Projects” took place in ESPE University during the International Conference on Applied Technologies ICAT 2019 conference.
RANGER Security workshop

19-20 November 2019

Partner involved: EXODUS

Maleme, Chania, Crete, Greece

Abstract and presentation of pilot study.
Mediterranean Security Event 2019

29-31 October 2019

Partner involved: KEMEA

Crete, Greece

Abstract and presentation of pilot study.
Physioma 2019 conference

10-11 October 2019

Partner involved: NCIAS.ID

Lisbon, Portugal

Abstract and presentation of pilot study.
Workshop "Foro Ejército 2E+I Fuerza 35"

1-3 October 2019

Partner involved: UPVLC

Toledo, Spain

Presentation of the CAMELOT project in this workshop organised by the Spanish Land Army.
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