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Cobra Workshop

10-Dec-2020, Online - Teams

The CAMELOT project was presented in the recent COBRA workshop on the 10th of December 2020. CAMELOT's latest updates and achievements were featured to End-Users, Stakeholders and Experts invited by COBRA. In this online workhops 12 attendees participated in the discussions sharing insights and common challenges on current surveillance systems , focusing on how research results will contribute to optimisation of missions


International Digital Security Forum Vienna

2-3 December 2020, Online event

CAMELOT was featured in the annual Conference "International Digital Security Forum Vienna" , an online two day event. KEMEA presented the main objectives of the MSMDC2 (Multi-Service Multi-Domain Command and Control System) CAMELOT develops and refered to the major achievements so far within the project.


1st End-User Engagement Workshop

25 November 2020, Online – Zoom Webinar 

All technical partners of the consortium presented the developed platform and its key technologies to 9 end-user organizations who were asked to evaluate the project on separate sessions. The practitioners provided feedback which was essential for refining the final integration and demonstration activities.  Exodus created a leaflet about the event which was disseminated via the social media accounts and relevant mailing lists.

DroneTech World Meeting 

6-7 November 2020, Online event

CAMELOT project overview (C2 Advanced Multi-domain Environment and Live Observation Technologies)

Dr Federico Carvajal, Universidad Politëcnica de Valencia


ILEAnet virtual Public Workshop: Innovative Technologies for Border Management

3-5 November 2020, Online event

The H2020 security project ILEAnet organises with the support and participation of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) its virtual Public Workshop from 3 to 5 November 2020. The objective of ILEAnet is to bridge the gap between LEA practitioners and the research community to facilitate the uptake of solutions by police forces and support concrete results for a more secure Europe.

EDA’s First Conference Of The Third Phase Of The Consultation Forum

27-28 OCTOBER 2020, Online event

EDA’s First Conference Of The Third Phase Of The Consultation Forum

For Sustainable Energy In The Defence And Security Sector (CF SEDSS  III).

WG 3: Protection of Critical Energy Infrastructures. Project CAMELOT presentation

On-field tests with the Portuguese Navy

1-4 October 2020, Lisbon, Portugal

Viasat has performed on-field tests together with Lieutenant Captain César Alexandre Lopes de Sousa from the Portuguese Navy in order to evaluate the radio relaying functionality of the Trellisware radio terminals by mounting a radio relay on an aerostat flying at the height of 50 meters. In addition, Viasat has performed over-water tests with the Trellisware MANET in order to evaluate the effect of the sea on the throughput and range of the MANET.

X International Scientific Conference HEMUS 2020

1 October 2020, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

X International Scientific Conference HEMUS 2020. Research and

investment in technology innovation - a crucial factor for defence and

security. Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Project CAMELOT presentation

International defence equipment and services exhibition HEMUS 2020

30 September - 3 October 2020, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

 International defence equipment and services exhibition „HEMUS

 2020”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 30 September - 3 October 2020. Project

 CAMELOT presentation

ANDROMEDA 1st workshop

29 September 2020, Online event

Presentation of CAMELOT ideas and latest results in the ANDROMEDA workshop aiming to share new knowledge and disseminate lessons learnt from EU-funded Security projects, with the participation of MoDs, end-users and industrial stakeholders.
On-field tests with the Bulgarian Defence Institute

10-12 September 2020, Bulgarian Defense Institute (BDI), Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Viasat has performed on-field tests with the support of Lieutenant colonel Dr. Iliyan Hutov from BDI in order to evaluate the range and throughput of the Trellisware MANET in different on-field scenarios. In addition, we held a technical discussions with representatives of BDI where we discussed about the integration of the Trellisware MANET into the developed hybrid network infrastructure.
Magistral Conference “Technology Trends on H2020 European Projects”

3-5 February 2020

Camelot participated on Magistral Conference “Technology Trends on H2020 European Projects in UTN University.
Technical Review Meeting

21 January 2020, Brussels, Belgium

The Consortium presented the work performed in 2019 and especially after April 2019 when the project restarted under a new coordination.
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