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CAMELOT Pilot Demonstration

9-12 March 2021, Online event

The Camelot consortium demonstrated the developed platform and the supported technologies to internal and external end-users and practitioners across Europe, via carefully designed scenarios within representative maritime and land virtual environments. Representatives from 14 organizations with interest on command and control platforms participated and have evaluated  the project as very useful for their operations. For this event Exodus created a professional leaflet and advertised the event through the website and social media accounts. To attrect and record the interest from external organizations Exodus created an Open Call page on the project’s website via which we collected information about the specific interest of end-users. 


Security and Policing international event

9-12 March 2021, Online event

Camelot participated on an exhibition stand making available information such as the new brochure which was available for download from the BAE Systems virtual stand.Over 500 people visited the stand and the CAMELOT brochure was downloaded by a number of parties within Europe and internationally. The personnel that have allowed there contacts to be shared under data protection are to be followed up, including the UK Home Office. The virtual stand will remain on line until September 2021, making available the CAMELOT information to anyone else visiting the stand.  


Interoperability for Semi-Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles

3-4 February 2021, Online event

The Łukasiewicz-PIAP Camelot technology was successfully tested and presented on workshop  organized as part of NATO STO RTG activity : "Interoperability for Semi-Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles", IST-179 (AI2S).


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