Visualisation and display block


This document represents the deliverable D6.1 “Visualisation and Display Block” related to work package 6 “Visualisation and Display Models” of the CAMELOT H2020 project.

This document contains information on the design, implementation and proving of hardware and software modules and assets developed within this work package.

The document is divided into five unique sections. The first section provides an introduction and overview to the overview of the Visualisation and Display services provided by Work Package 6. The remaining 4 sections then present the applicable requirements, developed solutions and subsequent conclusions for the four topics that comprise the work package 6 Visualisation and Display Block;

  • 3D Sensor Projection

  • 3D Real-Time Modelling and Visualisation

  • Augmented Reality and HMD Visualisation

  • Mobile Applications for Tablet and/or Smartphone

This report ultimately determines to show, via its section conclusions, a number of interrelated Visualisation and Display service solutions that can support the overall aims of Project Camelot. It also shows that of the 29 requirements associated with the Visualisation and Display Models, 23 of them are deemed to be ‘Fully’ achieved, with the remaining 6 having been ‘Partially’ achieved.