Mission related services block


This document describes the detailed implementation of the modules related to the task T5.1 (mission optimization module), T5.2 (mission preparation module), T5.3 (mission replanning module) and T5.4 (UxV energy management module) of the work package 5.

The first part of the document describes the role of the work package 5 and describe the tasks expected in this work package.

The second part of this document describes the overall architecture and data model of the work package 5. It describes all messages exchanged between modules and the show the main architecture and links between the modules of the work package 5. It also contains the mains sequence diagrams showing interactions between all modules of the work package 5.

The third part of this document describes the implementation of each module. It shows the internal architecture of the modules, explains the algorithms and implementation of the modules and describes the data model of the module use for interact with others modules. This chapter also describes the internal tests done for each module to verify they generate and send the expected data they have to provide to others modules.

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