User Requirements and Use Cases (issue 2)


The results of this document were expressed through something similar to a CONOPS for CAMELOT modules based on user activities and current security challenges. Known methodologies for the prioritisation of the user requirements will be applied when relevant.  The partners involved in T2.1 will cover all foreseen CAMELOT modules.  All needs will be identified and described as will the user requirements (and the processes used to derive them). This analysis will serve two purposes: on one hand, the scenarios will form a body of preliminary work to be used as inputs to WP9 (Definition of tests) and to form the baseline for end-user expectations.  On the other hand, the use cases will be extremely important for technical partners to guide subsequent work in T2.4, T2.5 and WP3, in particular concerning interfaces and inputs /outputs. For each scenario, the practitioners will present relevant use cases and technical partners will help them map and pin down typical workflows associated to those use cases.  The respective findings will also be inputs to T3.1 and fundamental in the design of the test plan in WP9 and the execution of demonstrations able to address the border surveillance needs.